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Modern Slavery and Grooming- Paul Mckenzie

With one in every 200 children going missing every year, many of these children are victims of Modern Slavery and Grooming isn't it time we prepare our children to be aware of the signs.

Knife Crime in the UK

What are the solutions? please comment your feelings below

Rambo knifes ON SALE

is it right for knives of this nature to be so accessible?

Homeless people in Stratford, East London

On the site of the Olympics where millions of people tuned into Stratford, the place with a shopping mall hosting shops from Prada to Gucci being the home of 100's of homeless people is a digrace!

Lock Stock And Plastic Gangsters – Mark Ron’s Son and Bombay Larry.

Short films made using broken toys. Please follow us and we will keep on making them’ @brokentoyfilmz