About Us

Soap Box Real Talk est. 2015.

Soapbox Real Talk was set up with a clear social purpose.

Paul McKenzie founded Soapbox Real Talk in 2015, with a simple goal – to build a high-quality video production company with a clear social purpose.  In that time Soapbox has produced well over 400 community focused videos.  The main aim of the company is to transform lives through film, by creating high-impact documentaries, promotional videos and event films for our clients and by empowering people through filmmaking workshops.  We now empower many young people and vulnerable adults each year to be creative, through fun and accessible filmmaking experiences. By working with Soapbox Real Talk, you invest in a new, diverse generation of filmmakers through our Workshops.

Soapbox Real Talk specialises in delivering film, photography and visual media projects for schools, youth and community organisations within the voluntary sector. We also offer film/digital training, creative evaluation and promotional films and word with organisations to ensure that our costs are covered with funding.

Recently Soapbox have focused on short screen plays, and the latest made history when it was screen at the National Museum in London, as they have never screened a short screen play before now.

Our films help charities succeed in their awareness and fundraising goals, and we know that great content really makes a difference to the people they serve.

Soap Box serves to provide an opportunity for individuals to express their brilliance, speak their truth and encourage the lives of others. Soap Box is a friendly motivational organisation and brand that aims to build a movement of positive creativity, using inspirational thought-provoking media and news.

Our platform consists of alternative but informative news and views about local and international topics. We have a strong belief that the little man has a voice that can influence change in many different areas of one’s life.


With most of the mainstream news focusing on global issues, we like to focus on local and community issues, which affect real people in our communities and have an overall impact on their environments.

Our content is committed to raising awareness among all age groups, and one of our core beliefs is that if we develop a platform that people can relate to, they will benefit on many different levels.

We are a socially responsible team that monitor and promote only content that is in line with our code of conduct and ultimately our ethics.

Our ethos is that there is value in all media, whether it is musical/ political/ or educational, however, we must take control of the intellectual property element of it. We must add value to our content in a similar manner to the mainstream media.

We offer people an alternative, inspirational place for them to post their works outside of the three main platforms that control a huge percentage of all media.

There is also a commercial side to the platform. This enables local or small businesses to access our video service at an affordable price, to help promote their brand. We truly believe that having a strong recognisable brand can make the difference between having a business that succeeds and having one that failing. Many local companies have not yet placed emphasis of marketing or branding, all of this we offer at rates that are manageable but affective in reaching their specific audience.

One of our main objectives is to build a sustainable platform that will enable people to grow, and at the same time provide employment for talented individuals to gain valuable skills in media and communication, so we developed the Community Skills Exchange. It was through this initiative that gave many people who have worked alongside Soap Box, the opportunity to obtain employment in their chosen fields.


Soapbox Real Talk has a large range of kit, including the most up-to-date camera equipment and accessories. We use a wide selection of cameras, from Canon and Sony cinema cameras to long-term time lapse cameras. Our lighting kits have the capacity to illuminate spaces from small studios to large warehouses. And we have everything from drones to gimbals to deliver you amazing moving footage from all environments.

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